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Department of Importers Register Licenses

Functions to be performed by Importers Registration Licenses

Department of Importers Registration Licensing is one of departments of General Department of licensing which competent with licensing of Importer. This license given for companies which import these products:

 1.Drugs (Human & Veterinary)
 3.Insecticides (Home & Public Health Pesticides)
 4.Laboratory & Diagnostic Chemicals (kits)
 5.Medical Devices or Supplies (Sterile & non sterile).
 6.Medical Equipments.
 7.Cosmetic , Drug and Food raw material.
 8. Adoption of importation plans for human and veterinary medicines a year and is reviewing data importing company - the owner - registration number in the register of importers - verify the validity of contracts and licensing of registered companies will be reviewed by one of pharmacists and support specialists from the Director of Licensing Department log importers.

Laws & Ministerial Decisions in the Organization:

- 127/1955 for practicing the profession of pharmacy.
- 118/1975 for importing by the Ministry of Economy & Foreign Trade.
- Decision of the Minister of Health 174/1999 on regulate the importing of drugs, vaccines, sera, food products which have curing effect, medical supplies with single use, cosmetics, home insecticides & diagnostic kits.

  Licensing Procedures
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