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Scientific office and media monitoring


  Provide high quality, safe promotional materials as free medical samples whether local or imported and brochures.
   Deliver rightful information to help doctors to prescribe drugs to achieve the best treatment for patients


  Co-operate with The Marketing materials and Media monitoring Department to set the standards for the promotional materials to prevent the misleading.
  Apply the regulations of inspection through either withdrawing samples from imported free medical samples or releasing of the local F.M.S.
  Inspect the scientific office documents (license, layout, registration documents…)
  Follow any changes that take place regarding the scientific office documents.
  We share in destroying all expired F.M.S. according to environmental regulations.
  Organize training programs for the inspectors to increase their qualifications and performance to deal with all conditions.
  Periodic inspection of records and documents of pharmaceutical products by toll system

Strategic Objective

  Inspection of medical samples and ensures safety, quality and health data by analyzing it at NODCAR.
  Cooperation with the Department of Registration and Licensing with respect to scientific office licensing and registration of its pharmaceutical products.
  Work to raise the efficiency and performance of inspectors through the regular and the ongoing training.
  Cooperation and coordination with the Department of marketing materials audit and media monitoring to inspect the advertising and marketing materials to prevent the misleading.
  Periodic inspection of scientific office to ensure the scientific integrity of the license data and follow-up to any modifications.
  Periodic inspection of records and documents of pharmaceutical products produced by TOLL system.
  Report scientific offices of any decisions or instructions issued by CAPA and follow-up its application.
  Cooperation with pharmaceutical companies to reveal the different ways of counter-fitted pharmaceutical products and try to overcome it by holding conferences and scientific symposia.


  Scientific offices and toll companies


  Committee Suggestions of the MOH share of free medical sample
  List of Scientific Offices
  Minister Decree (351-94)
  Minister Decree (390-2012)
  Minister Decree (429-76)
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  Technical Committee Decree