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A) Awareness against Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is a dangerous practice especially in medicines and pharmaceutical products. Fighting counterfeiting is a duty for all society members. The Central Administration for Pharmaceutical Affairs (CAPA) is calling for cooperation and participation of professionals and people to fight and eradicate counterfeiting
Here are some guidelines and advices to help CAPA, MOH to fight counterfeiting
  1. Do not purchase medicines except from distributors and wholesale stores that are licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health or from the producing companies.
  2. Do not accept medicines except those are documented in official stamped receipts that clearly contain printed information of the distributor. Batch numbers should be clearly printed on the invoices and the receipts. Note that absence of or non-conformed receipts/invoices will be disregarded by MOH inspectors. In this case, the medicine will be considered as illegally traded.
  3. Check carefully packages and medicines delivered to your pharmacy. Try to identify the existence of counterfeited products. One of the methods to do that is to compare the newly delivered packs with already known and trusted old ones.
  4. Be vigilant and question products offered to you in unusually high deductions or low retail prices.
  5. Never carry any medicine or pharmaceutical product that is not registered in the MOH. Trading unregistered products makes you liable to punishments by the law authorities.
  6. Contact the Central Administration for Pharmaceutical Affairs (CAPA) if you suspect or recognize counterfeited products, pharmacies or retailers carrying counterfeited products. Contact information of CAPA:
  7. Frequently check the Egyptian Drug Authority website (mentioned above) to be continuously updated with warnings and advisories against counterfeited products.
  8. Cooperate with pharmacy inspectors in your area to exchange information in case of discovering counterfeited medicines or places who carry them.

We appreciate all sincere efforts devoted by pharmacists of Egypt to safeguard the people health and ensure the safety of medicines given to the patients.

  1. Never purchase/get medicines from places other than a licensed pharmacy.
  2. Do not order or use medicines advertised on satellite TV channels because they are unregistered and illegal.
  3. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you find any change in the usual characteristics of the medicine such as the outer box shape or size, color or shape of the pharmaceutical dosage form.
  4. Contact us if you suspect any product or place carrying counterfeited products by information above.

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Your Cooperation and Support are Very Valuable

B) Counterfeit Products List

  Inspection Memorandum for 2010
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