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Medical Device
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The Medical Device Registration department is in charge of evaluation, classification, registration of single –use, locally produced or imported medical device. It is also in charge of setting up all regulation and requirements for the registration of medical devices. 


 What’s a Medical Device? 
 Medical Device classification 
 Decisions of Technical Committee 
 Decisions of technical committee related to medical device safety 
 Impotant Announcement Concerning ISO Certificate 13485 (Modified) 

Publication issued from Head of Central Administration of Pharmaceutical Affairs

 Publication No (12)/2012 
       Publication No (18)/2013 


 Medical Device Registration Flowchart 
 Registration reports had been cancelled according to technical committee decision 

Reception Section of Medical Device 

 How to set an appointment to submit a registration file 
 Application form 

Check lists 

       Procedure Pack 
       Imported class I non -sterile 
       Local class I non-sterile 

 Front office schedule 

Scientific Committee Requirement 

 Requirement for Scientific committee 

Stability Committee Requirement 

 Application form 
  File content for local medical devices 
 File content for registered medical devices, Guide lines 
 Guidelines for Stability study report 

Variation Department 


Registered Medical Devices 

 Registered medical devices (2016)
 Registered medical devices (2017)
 Registered medical devices (2006-2007-2008)
 Registered medical devices till 2012
 Registered medical devices (2013-2014-2015)