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Biocidal Registration

Who are we?
      The The biocidal Registration Department is a branch of the Registration Division at CAPA; it was set up in August 2009.

What we do?
      The biocidal Registration Department regulates biocidal products intended to destroy, deter, render harmless, and prevent the action of
     any harmful organism.

We aim to:
      Safeguard public health & to facilitate the development, approval of & access to safe & effective Biocidal products.

Biocidal registration department is Sub-Divided into:

      1- Antiseptic & disinfectant. 
      2- Insecticide.

Useful Links:

Guidelines for biocidal products (antiseptic &disinfectant).

Sops for biocidal products:

       1- Antiseptic & disinfectant. 

       2- Insecticide. 

Application forms:

       1- Antiseptic & disinfectant. 

       2- Insecticide. 


       1- Antiseptic & disinfectant.  

       2- Antiseptic & disinfectant.(After Primary Approval)  

       3- Insecticide. 



        1- Application for Appointment for insecticides. 

        2- Application for Appointment for antiseptic. 

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