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Drug Shortage

Drug shortages directorate (DSD) is a new established governmental authority dealing with drug shortages issue in the Egyptian market.
We take great steps, within our legal authority, to address and prevent drug shortages, which can occur for many reasons, including manufacturing and quality problems, delays, and discontinuations.
We work closely with manufacturers of drugs in short supply to communicate the issue and to help restore availability.
We also work with other firms who manufacture the same drug, asking them to increase production, if possible, in order to prevent or reduce the impact of a shortage.

The following are the tasks done by drug shortages team work:

  Community pharmacies (Local Market) follow up
  Governmentally supplied drugs (MOH Tender) Follow up
  Important pharmacological groups and drug categories (CVS, CNS, Biological products, Life-saving drugs, etc.) follow up by monthly monitoring distributors' stocks and monitoring production & packaging at the manufacturers, to prevent shortages that may take place and take strict & immediate actions in case of sudden shortages.
  Receiving public complaints about drugs in short (via hot-line, written official letters, e-mails) and working on solving those complaints.
  Manufacturers and Importers support to solve their CAPA related problems that lead to drug shortages.
  Reporting urgent and complicated drug shortages issues to decision makers.
  Consultant (Market-meter) for CAPA directorates to assist them taking the right decisions concerning drugs. (Pricing, Export, Import, etc.).
  Issuing Periodical drug shortages bulletin.


  Ensure maintaining adequate continuous supply of drug products that meets the Egyptian market demand.
  Predict and therefore prevent the occurrence of any shortages.


  To make the Egyptian market free of any drug shortage crisis.

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